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It started with a Sunday mass, which was open to all religions. Afterwards the children performed a little dancing program. Highlight of the day was an excursion to the tea plantations in the Ponmudi-Mountains. The children´s joy was terrific. The two coaches were humming with excitement. There was singing and laughter. The cooks from St.John´s had prepared a traditional picnic, which we traditionally ate with our fingers. The picnic site was situated by a little stream that flowed into a natural pond. A welcome opportunity to splash about. A ranger took the children on a hike through the jungle and explained to them the plant- and wildlife. To summarize it: a beautiful day with pleasure and lightness! For me it was especially good to see the respect and gratitude with which the children treated each other. No matter if big or small, boy or girl, Christian or Hindu. They are one big family and you can clearly feel this.